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"the off-season"

The "off-season" is where the fundamentals for your individual leaders are developed. We enhance the strengths and smash the work ons so your leaders perform consistently across all skill sets.


Our leadership program splits the off-season in two.

The first half of the off-season is an intensive self-awareness process where we coach your leaders to really understand how they see themselves as a leader, what their leadership philosophy is, and how well they understand, what we call, their "code" (their system of beliefs and values).

The second half of the off-season consists of us coaching your leaders to coach their teams so members can be their authentic self and reach their potential whilst finding congruence with the teams "code". We coach your leaders to identify and enhance the strengths of each team member for the benefit of the whole team and organisation. We coach the essential ingredients for team cohesion and high performance.

The off-season can be completed as a stand alone season, but like all competitions we prefer to enjoy finals fever and complete "the full season".

  • The off-season program consists of:

  • Leader & Team Member Interviews

    • Pre-program Leadership Assessment Surveys

  • Self-Awareness - Empathy - Social Skills

  • Communication - Messaging & Language - Feedback

  • Philosophy - CODE - Team Culture - Social Contract

  • Resilience - Constructive Conflict - Self-regulation

  • Role Clarity - Vision

  • Prepare to Coach - Coach the Individual

  • Program Review 

  •  Leader & Team Member Interviews

    • Post-program Leadership Assessment Surveys​

  •  Program Report

  • Three month program

  • 1 x intensive face-to-face session each week

  • + 15 minute online catch up each week

  • + offline messages / reflection activities

  • + regular readings / research


Image by Roland Samuel
  • The off-season program benefits:

  • Evidence-based results for leadership impact on the team

  • Maximising the effect of a social contract within the team

  • Fine tuning a clear and concise vision statement as a leader

  • Creating a defined "code" of behaviour

  • An understanding of the leaders personal communication loop and appreciation for the teams communication loop

  • A kit bag full of strategies for leadership performance including resilience, practical coaching skills

  • Awareness of personal and team stumbling blocks such as:

    • Dominance Dynamic​

    • Unconscious Bias

    • Homogenous teams

    • Perspective Blindness

    • Code Conflict

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