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Most parents are the number one supporters of their children's sporting endeavours, and a majority try to get it right. Unfortunately, supporting a child athlete isn't easy and it can sometimes go wrong.

If you have ever come across an ugly parent of a child athlete it can be an uncomfortable and sometimes confronting situation.

It is certainly tough for Clubs because fundamentally they exist to provide opportunities for their players, not develop parents as good people. Developing positive supporting skills for parents is not the highest priority for many Clubs.

The value of investing some time and effort into the parents of the players is well worth it. It can ultimately create a better learning and performance environment for the players.

SiSu Life present Parent Workshops focusing on creating positive supporting skills for child athlete's, so the children are provided with the best opportunity to develop and perform.

The series of videos below provide the foundation for our face-to-face workshops.

Get in touch to find out how you can provide practical skills for your parents to develop positive supportive environments.


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