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"the player"

The "player" program caters to anyone knowing they can be mentally stronger but not knowing how to get there.

We sometimes think that getting physically fitter or stronger will help us feel better about ourselves, and to a degree it is true, but to find true happiness and joy in ourselves we need to develop the mental skills to go along with the physical improvement.

We strongly believe that to become a complete human we need to be at our best mentally and physically.

This program ensures that both the physical and mental barriers that stop you from being great disappear. SiSu means extraordinary determination, courage and resoluteness to overcome adversity. We bring this to your life so you have the action mindset to break through your physical and mental barriers and create new frontiers beyond any limits you previously placed on yourself.

We examine your values and belief's about yourself, we create an appreciative perspective based on what you can do and not what you can't. We sometimes hold your hand and guide you through to a new frontier. Other times we push you kicking and screaming into a new reality; a reality where you are the controller of your destiny and you become a mental fortress.


Image by Rayyu Maldives photographer
  • The player program consists of:

  • Pre-program

    • Individual Self-Assessment

    • Peer Assessment

  • Self-Awareness - Values and Belief's

  • Communication - Internal Narrative

  • Creating a CODE (your life mantra)

  • Resilience - Self-regulation

  • Life Clarity - Vision

  • Program Review 

  • Post-program 

    • Individual Self-Assessment​

    • Peer Assessment

  •  Program Report

  • Three month program

  • 1 x intensive face-to-face session each week

  • + 15 minute online catch up each week

  • + offline messages / reflection activities

  • + regular readings / research

  • The player program benefits include:

  • Evidence-based assessments for self-reflection

  • Greater level of self-awareness resulting in clarity around values and belief's about self

  • Improved self-talk resulting in greater confidence, self esteem, resilience and perseverance

  • Creating a defined "code" on how you WILL live your life on your terms

  • Greater resilience and an ability to handle the tough times

  • A set of strategies and tools to be mentally stronger

Image by Xan Griffin
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