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"the in-season"


The "in-season" is where we all want to be. It's where everything gets put together to ensure your teams are experiencing finals fever more often.

The FULL SEASON PROGRAM commences with an intensive Leader Development Program (the "off-season"). Team leaders are coached in mental performance skills and mindset development within key performance areas. They are then prepared to coach these skills themselves within the team environment.

The Team component of the FULL SEASON PROGRAM (the "pre-season") allows for the leaders to put into action the skills they have learnt to create high performing teams. The team members are in essence provided with multiple coaching experiences as we facilitate the coaching process with the leaders.

During the process each team member is provided with an intensive learning experience around their mental skill capacity and performance mindset.


  • The in-season program consists of:

  • Leader Interview & Team Member Workshop

    • Team Cohesion Assessment Surveys

  • Mastering Skills - IPP

  • Communication - "Ask the best question"

  • Philosophy - Team CODE - Social Contract

  • Resilience - Constructive Conflict

  • Role Clarity - Vision

  • Performing Teams - Team Development Stages

  • Program Review 

  •  Leader Interview & Team Member Workshop

    • Team Cohesion Assessment Surveys​

  •  Program Report

  • Four month program

  • 1 x intensive leader coaching session or team workshop each week

  • +  short online leader and team catch up each week

  • + offline messages / reflection activities

  • + regular readings / research

  • The in-season program benefits:

  • Evidence-based results on leadership impact and team cohesion

  • A team social contract

  • A clear vision statement for the team that results in values congruence

  • An agreed communication feedback loop

  • A kit bag full of team accountability, team bonding, and team productivity strategies

  • A kit bag of mental performance skill activities and mindset influencing strategies

  • Awareness of personal and team performance stumbling blocks such as:

    • Dominance Dynamic​

    • Unconscious Bias

    • Homogenous teams

    • Perspective Blindness

    • Code Conflict

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