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We believe you can't achieve excellence unless you are both mentally and physically at your best.

Functional, low impact movement through Yoga and Pilates allows your body to move and feel better. Regular practice will extend you on more than just a physical and mental level. Spending time on your mat with the connection of your body and breathe can have an amazing impact on you as a human being.  This impact could be anything from more awareness to better control over your mind, body and emotions.


  • An extensive online video library of pre-recorded Yoga and Pilates classes.

  • An online video library of mindfulness meditations.


  • Online video Library Subscription =  Enjoy our extensive Library of Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation sessions anywhere, anytime.

What a convenient and great way to stay connected, physically and mentally strong, and a little calmer with our Online Library of Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation.

Classes vary from 20 minutes through to 60 minutes. We have an extensive range and a variety of classes to suit the needs of all. So, if you need a spark up in the morning our "Wake Me Up" class is very popular right through to preparing yourself at night for improved sleep with our "Let Go" Meditation.

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Image by Dane Wetton
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Our physical capabilities have a major impact on our mental well being and vise versa.

One without the other is like a contest without an opposition ..... it's just not the same.

So allow us to work privately with you or your team to explore that connection of mind and body.

Why physical stimulus with mental skill development?

"that exercise has an immediate positive impact. Exercise releases neurotransmitters that can curb stress levels and increase overall mental wellbeing. One of those neurotransmitters is serotonin, which provides that happy, unbeatable feeling immediately after exercise."

"low to medium intensity exercise provides the greatest gain in feeling energised, remaining alert for longer, and feeling more creative."

"when we exercise we use an energy source called ATP, which is produced from mitochondria. Exercise increases the production of the mitochondria which in turn increases the supply of ATP. Each time you exercise, your body will have adapted with more mitochondria which create more energy."

"that exercise slows the process of neurogenesis, or the degeneration of brain cells. Exercisers retain more usable brain cells for longer."

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