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This is just some of my list. What’s your list look like?

Do you ever feel you give some much to everyone and everything else and forget about yourself?

It’s time to GIVE BACK to YOU.

It’s easy to move through the motions of day to day routine. Getting jobs done and giving your time emotionally and physically to so many aspects of your life. Are you performing all these tasks to the best of your ability or just getting them done?

If you were to look through your electronic calendar (paper diary for me) do you allocate time in there just for YOU? This may sound a little crazy to schedule in a coffee for yourself or to read a book, exercise, get a personal project done uninterrupted, or just sit and be still. Again, these are just some of the things I need to allocate to myself. Whether you are single, in a relationship or have kids, life demands are high and if you want to perform at your best in all areas then you need to manage YOU! Whatever means of scheduling you use, electronic, paper diary, post it notes, a PA if you are fortunate enough, use it and give back some time to the one person who gives to so many other people … YOU.

Spending time on your own is beneficial, however many find it frightening and these people generally fill up their YOU time with things such as Facebook, watching TV, or being busy doing something, anything! But being able to simply escape all of life’s demands and the information overload of work, internet, phones, partners, friends, kids, jobs, school allows your brain to catch up and your body to relax. When you are on your own you can evaluate your life by getting off the treadmill and assess what is working for you and what or who is not.

Our minds are constantly thinking of what jobs need to be done, are you being a good enough friend, are you kids doing ok, meeting a deadline, and so on. Until we step away from those thoughts, which if not done can create anxiety for some, it is difficult to make clear, thoughtful decisions and for our brains to sort through the constant stimulation it’s exposed to.

I know for me I can sometimes get to the end of the day and I don’t want to be talked to or touched. I run my own business, I have a great network of friends and a great husband. I have a nearly four year old and a one year old and I get talked at or cried to all day. I’m constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to entertain them. I am physically carrying them, pushing prams, scooters, bikes and a backpack full of food and spare clothes. I give cuddles when they are sad and snuggles because they love it. I’m then still focused on any work commitments I have and household jobs on top of that. I love it all but it’s exhausting in so many ways. My YOU time allows me to be a better mum, wife and work more efficiently. To step away from the day to day grind is so refreshing. It allows me to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses in certain areas of my life and make strategies to benefit myself, my career and my family.

Sometimes I go for a run or do some yoga. Sometimes I grab a coffee and just stare at the ocean but just having that YOU time allows me to be a better person and to recharge physically, mentally and emotionally.

When was the last time you truly had some YOU time? Give it a go, I bet you will be amazed at the clarity of mind and physical rejuvenation you will feel.

You can’t constantly give; you need to give back or eventually something will give. Look after YOU and the rest will follow.

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