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As a coach have you ever thought about how your players might see their video analysis?

The perspective of a coach may be quite different to that of a player when analysing the game from a team point of view but especially from an individual point of view.

The coach is required to view it from a broader perspective. How does the performance of each individual impact on the team's performance? The coach is looking to put all the pieces together, and to work out and deal with root causes as opposed to dealing with the effect.

A player will largely view their analysis in a self-centred way. And I mean self-centred in a constructive way. The player is going to be focused on their own performance, without the pressure of working out how it integrates with the rest of the team. They will be involved, usually in positional groups with a unit or team analysis, but probably won't connect their individual performance with the unit or team performance.

As a coach we need to understand and appreciate this point of view. The player also needs to understand that the coach will see the analysis process in a different way to them.

This appreciation can go along way to ensuring a good connection between the coaches analysis and individual player analysis. The feedback can then be more effective and be referenced in the most appropriate way. The coach can reference the players involvement in relation to the unit or team and the player will understand that and be able to process the feedback better.

Have you noticed a difference between your analysis and that of your players?

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