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As an athlete, one of the simplest strategies to ensure we are ready to perform, is to pack our bag.

The simple act of making sure our kit and equipment is in our bag, ready to go to training or a match, is a great way to help our performance.

Every disorganised untidy athlete is scoffing at these comments, because they have been able to function in their messy existence. BUT, have they actually thought, that by being better organised they may help their performance?

Does this really make a difference? To be honest, it would be quite difficult to argue that everyone would improve performance if they packed their bag every night, ready for the next days performance. Why? Because it is an individual thing. But, it's not really about the kit in our bag, it's about the discipline to make sure we prepare as best we can every single day. This consistent preparation isn't just on field, with warm ups, drills or matchplay. Our preparation in other areas of our lives, that have an impact on our ability to ensure we are mentally and physically ready to perform, are also key to our success.

Some people call them one percenters, others 'marginal gains'. Whatever we want to call them, they are all the same, they are the little things that add up when we are looking for improved performance.

These rituals create confidence and develop constructive comfort. They allow us to direct energy to other areas of our preparation, because we know that our kit and equipment is ready to go. We are confident that part of our preparation is sorted. We have no anxiety or undue stress related to that area of our preparation, so we can feel comfortable we will have all our equipment ready to go. Our energy can then be directed into areas of preparation such as our focus points or game plan.

So, if you really want to take your preparation to the next level, Pack Your Bag!

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