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..... AND MOVE!

If you do nothing more than just move this week, then its a good week.  I'm constantly reminded from my own body, that sitting for long hours at a desk or in a car or even just on the couch is not doing my body any favours, in more ways than one.  This constant forward flexion of the body can cause such havoc on the spine, hips, hamstrings, shoulders and neck.  The body and especially our spine has so many planes of movement  required to keep it healthy.  And of course  there is no better way to nourish and keep your joints lubricated than to move.  If simple movement is all that is available to you this week then move anyway you can. If  you can get yourself to the mat this week then Yoga and Pilates it is for you.  We will get our bodies moving in all these flexions, extension, rotations and twists required to maintain a well oiled machine that is your body.

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