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Sleep When I'm Dead

In my younger years I would burn the candle at both ends, grab all that life threw at me.  Nights out, adventures and holiday away with friends. My saying was "Sleep when you're dead". 

Now I am older and o' so wiser, I am very aware of the importance of sleep.  Sleep affects our physical, mental and emotional being. Sleep helps us physically by regulating hormones, and helping cell repair, growth and development in babies, children and adults. 

On improved sleep we are able to cope better emotionally too.  Difficult situations are easier to deal with as we are less angry, moody, sad and impulsive.  We are more motivated and kinder to ourselves and others.

Nothing is better for your brain than sleep.  It will enhance your ability to learn and retain information, and improve your decision making  and problem solving. 

There are many reasons why you may not be getting sufficient sleep such as work schedule, parenting, owning a puppy, sleep apnea, Netflix :))  But whatever your reason, try to get sufficient sleep ( 7 hours a night is recommended for adults) to avoid the risk of any physical, emotional and mental  issues. 

Napping feels great in the middle of the day but does not give you the benefits of a good nights sleep.


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