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Technology and AI can do so much but it can't replace the human factor. 

That is where we come in. We still believe in the human connection of coaching; being able to help and influence people positively through the art of learning, knowledge, experience, and listening.

Even though we use evidence-based reporting on the outcomes of our programs, the fundamental philosophy of our work is to coach, hands-on, reaching people on a personal level to create meaningful and long lasting behaviour change.

We provide a free initial consultation that we refer to as the "selection meeting". It's a no pressure catch up where we see if we are aligned. The art of good selection is to select the right people in the first place. This is your opportunity to "eyeball us" and find out if we are the right fit for you. 

Check out our programs below and delve a little deeper into the possibilities.



Elite leadership skills allows a leader to be part of the process in creating a cohesive unit that is greater than the sum of its parts.

A leader cannot sit outside the team and dictate in todays society. They must be an integral part of the process and in effect enhance their strengths and those of each team member for the benefit of the whole team.

Being a world class leader allows you to excel in your own environment as a leader and be someone your team willingly follows. It is the attitude and behaviours of your team that will determine your success as a leader.



We guide your team through the labyrinth of pit falls that can sabotage a teams success, to a place where team members collectively feel engaged and safe to challenge themselves and those around them. 

Creating and maintaining individual and team behaviours that lead to consistent success are essential in todays competitive environment. Keeping teams consistently at their peak can sometimes feel like doing a jigsaw on water. Would you rather be doing the jigsaw in the ocean or in a bath?

We have experienced success and failure in team environments and have learnt the tough lessons. We have taken the most effective elite sport methods and filled our programs full of them.



Experience the "full season" in this program taking your leaders through an intensive development program with the aim of then putting their new skills into immediate action while their teams develop their own high performance mental skills.

We use evidence-based data to establish the level of trust, loyalty and functionality of your leaders at the start of the program.

We then complete an intensive program starting specifically with the leaders of the teams, then the teams themselves to pull finally pull it together with cohesive, productive and successful leadership and team combinations.

We finish with our season review which includes evidence-based reporting to establish the effect of our programs. Our results are tangible.

the fans

SiSu Life present Parent Workshops focusing on creating positive supporting skills for child athlete's, so the children are provided with the best opportunity to develop and perform.

The value of investing some time and effort into the parents of the players is well worth it. It can ultimately create a better learning and performance environment for the players.

If you believe at present you are performing at your peak then maybe we will connect with you in the future, however, if you believe you have room for improvement then ....

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