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WARNING: What I am about to question may offend some people.

Are we becoming a society of victims?

It seems to me that we are creating opportunities and a mindset where being a victim is our first priority. We feel aggrieved because our coffee is too hot so we use social media to vent our outrage and play the victim card and wait for all the sympathy to come in on our feed. We can't believe that someone might challenge us at work to get the best out of us, so we run to HR with our victim sign displayed proudly above our heads accusing them of bullying.

STOP feeling sorry for yourself. Be accountable and suck it up.

You are taking away from those people who are true victims; who have had their homes destroyed by war, who suffer from physical, mental or emotional abuse, or who have freedoms taken away that us lucky ones take for granted. They are the ones who need the help, not us snivelling, entitled ingrates.


Is it possible to alter this trend and start a mindset revolution where we can be vulnerable yet accountable, where we can show empathy yet still challenge each other, where we can accept disappointment and learn from it?

Oh, and for those of you who I have offended ...... go cry in your coffee cup.

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