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Risky Business

How many of us sit in our comfort zone because stepping out of it would mean facing the possibility of failure?

At what stage of our life does fear take over and cause us to shrink in the face of a challenge?

Imagine the sense of achievement, if after multiple attempts to reach a milestone, we finally make it, compared to reaching the milestone without adversity. Yes, there will be satisfaction, but will it be as great as the emotion of knowing we have failed multiple times yet continued to try again, and again, and again and finally conquered a challenge. Not only will we experience a greater sense of satisfaction we will do it with a whole set of resilience tools that were developed out of the adversity.

Risk is what is required, and unfortunately we live in a world where insurance companies have dirtied this very word. We place such a negative connotation on “risk” that people are afraid to say it let alone act on it.

Risk is the solution to ensuring we get to that milestone, regardless of how many attempts it takes. We need to risk failing to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone and to put ourselves within reach of success.

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